What to Expect

Missed last year’s event? Not sure what to expect? Check out the resources, links and videos below, archived from the 2015 Global Congress on Travel Risk Management.

Scenario 1: MERS Outbreak

Your company, Quench Beverages, Co. based out of Houston, Texas, has a subsidiary on the Arabian Peninsula in the country called “Aladdinia”. You employ 1,450 people at the Abu, the capital of Aladdinia, location.
A local secretary employed by your company was nursing her sick father suffering from MERS in their Aladdinian home. Unknowingly, she contracted the disease and diligently reported to work at your facility daily. The secretary showed no symptoms until the 12th day of incubation. By this time, she had come in direct contact and inadvertently spread the virus to all incoming clients and employees passing her desk located in the front entrance to your facility. She had started coughing and sneezing, but thought it was nothing more than allergies or a cold.
There are eight hospitals in the region; however, the two closest hospitals have not yet disclosed they have been treating multiple cases of MERS. You send employees suspected of infection to one of these hospitals for diagnoses and treatment. Some employees, not yet infected, contract the disease from the hospital.

MERS Scenario

Active Shooter Scenario

Scenario 2: Active Shooter

Neon City, a major tourist and convention destination hosting more than 41 million people each year, lies in the southwestern region of the United States. It is home to 17 of the 20 largest hotels in the United States. They are globally recognized for having the most glamorous, unique hotels featuring five-star restaurants, casinos, pools, health spas, golf courses, and convention centers.

Your tech company, Thunder Road Digital Storage based in Silicon Valley, sent 15 employees to the world famous Neon City Tech Conference held at Conference Hotel. This annual conference is created for and by leading experts in the technology industry. International and domestic companies send employees to learn about innovations in technology and exhibit their new products, physical and security-based technologies and programs.
At approximately 9:30am on Tuesday morning, a car packed with explosives detonates near the main entrance of the high-profile Conference Hotel, located on the main strip of hotels and casinos in the city.
The explosion is followed by gunfire between three attackers and hotel security. Two minutes later, a second blast occurs– a suicide bombing carried out by a woman in the far end of the convention center — as other attackers shoot their way into the main hotel lobby and convention center.
Your company’s booth displaying your latest technology is located in the northeast quadrant of the convention center. Fortunately, this is located opposite from the second blast and the entrance used by the attackers. Five of your employees were working the booth at the time of the attack. One employee suffers a severe concussion, two suffer from severe shrapnel wounds, one of which suffers from a bleeding artery in their thigh. Your company’s main employee organizer had left the booth looking for extra supplies from the convention hosts. You learn that she fell victim to the second blast. There are small fires from the explosions and fatalities scattered across the blood-splattered ground inside the hotel.
Shooters affiliated with the attacker group attack hotels and businesses in the surrounding area. Pandemonium ensues. The city’s surrounding areas go on lockdown to ensure safety for all citizens. There are seven hospitals in the city, only one with helicopter capacity. Five of the hospitals are in lockdown areas. The airspace above the city is being investigated. The city has one main airport and one small local airport. The main airport is immediately shut down as a precaution. Simultaneous threats are called into the airport, bus, and train stations. These threats include trucks filled with explosives located at these sites. As the airport waits for bomb squads to secure the area, a few of the loaded trucks explode.
The second smaller airport remains open; however, their security surveillance of the area is below standard and safety remains uncertain. There are sure to be some casualties in this area.
Five employees of your company are in the conference center, five at the hotel and surrounding area businesses and establishments. Two are entertaining potential clients in strip clubs nearby. No one has heard from one of your employees since the initial attack. Not wanting to stay at a hotel, she booked a local apartment outside of your system via a shared services site, like Airbnb.